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4 Essential Tips for Coping with Trade Show Season

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Trade shows offer unlimited opportunities to promote your products and acquire new customers. However, planning multiple exhibitions successfully can be overwhelming. This can take a toll on your physical and mental health. If you are feeling down or anxious about your upcoming exhibitions, here are some tips for reducing trade show stress.

1. Start Early

Lack of proper planning is arguably the biggest cause of stress for trade show exhibitors. The key to getting the most profit from your exhibit is allocating enough time in planning. Having a clear marketing goal established for the trade show season is the critical first step.The sooner you begin planning your marketing goals and reaching out to a design company, the more likely your exhibit will be a success. Larger exhibits can easily start a year in advance. If you’re hosting multiple events a year, your booth can be engineered ahead of time to adjust to varying space layouts.  

Another benefit of starting sooner is giving you and your team enough time to test every element of the booth, from the booth structure to electronics. Moreover, it’s always recommended to book your shipping in advance to avoid last-minute price surges, and ensure your booth is delivered on the show floor in a timely manner.

2. Embrace the Power of Teamwork

It is much easier to get overwhelmed if you are running a one-person show. Having a skilled team around you can take most of the load off your shoulders and allow you to focus on more important tasks. So, delegate tasks wherever you can. While at it, give clear instructions and responsibility to every team member to ensure they understand their roles.

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3. Instructions and Labeling

Once you finish packing your equipment, whether before or after a trade show, be sure to label it. In the label, include the date, location of the show, the name(s) of the equipment, and the quantities in each case. This way, it will be easier for your team members or installers to sort equipment, especially if you are planning on multiple exhibitions.

Another great tool is having an instructions packet for your booth. From the simplest to the most complex booth, an instructions packet will guide the installer for the most efficient setup/take down and not miss an important step.

4. Consider Outsourcing the Logistics

Let a reputable logistics company handle your shipments, booth setup, and breakdown. The trade show process can be daunting for exhibitors, but logistic companies will have experienced staff who can understand the entire process, handle all sorts of errors and unexpected issues. They may also have great relationships with various vendors and can give you good discounts.

Looking for Professional Assistance?

Learning how to stay calm during trade shows is one thing. Creating an unforgettable exhibition is quite another. Fortunately, we are here to help. At Dimensional Design, we offer quality trade show exhibits and displays. We can also plan and organize your tradeshow logistics, management, and installation. Get in touch with us today!