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A Look at the Different Types of Retail Product Displays

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Retail is a “cut-throat” niche. Retailers not only compete for sales but also to attract and retain loyal customers. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you MUST devise new strategies. One way you can capture your customers’ attention is by using attractive displays. Below is a breakdown of the most popular retail product displays.  

Standalone Displays

Also known as freestanding display units (FSDUs), standalone displays are arguably the most versatile type of retail product display. They are ideal for large retail stores and can be placed anywhere. FSDUs range from simple cardboard counter displays to classic pop displays and metallic stands.


  • They don’t require skilled installation.
  • Offer a high degree of flexibility as they can be easily moved from one point to another.
  • Can be used to draw attention to the featured items and encourage impulse purchases.


  • Bigger displays can be wobbly or flimsy if not properly engineered.

Entryway Displays

These are often placed at store entrances to entice passersby. They usually feature a staged imagery, product stacks, and other promotional signage.


  • Very effective while running promotions.
  • Highly customizable and does not take up much space.
  • Offer high visibility due to their placement and can help attract new customers.


  • Can potentially create congestion near the store entrance if overly cluttered.

Window Displays

Window displays are typically placed at the storefront windows. They are one of the most effective types of retail displays as they showcase a wider variety of products.


  • Depending on the store’s location, window displays can be used for 24/7 advertising, even when the store is closed.
  • Can be easily customized to reflect seasonal trends, holidays, and special events.
  • Highly effective in capturing the attention of pedestrians and passersby.


  • Installation may consume lots of time and effort since they would need to be refreshed more frequently

Glass Display Cases

These are enclosed units consisting of glass walls and shelves. They come in different shapes, from small countertop units to full-sized cabinets.


  • They are often used to display high-value products.
  • The glass walls provide unobstructed views of the displayed products from different perspectives.
  • They help protect displayed items from dust and dirt.


  • Create a physical barrier between the customer and the product, potentially denying them a closer look at the products.

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