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Define Signage and Explain its Various Purposes

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When you drive down the street, you see signs of all shapes and sizes, each with its unique message. From large business signage to smaller window decals displaying their weekly special. But have you ever wondered what is signage and why it exists?

The Meaning of Signage

Signage is a broad term for visual graphics or displays that deliver a specific message or promote a particular product, service, or idea. It can include street signs, billboards, company logos, product packaging, and more.

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Svedka Vodka Bar And Graphics

Who Needs Signage?

Most businesses need some form of signage. Large corporations often use billboards and other outdoor advertising to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience. On the other hand, small businesses may stick to more traditional indoor signage, such as window displays or countertop displays.

The Purpose of Signage

Now that you are aware of signage’s meaning and need, you can better understand what is the purpose of signage. Read on and find out!

1) Directional Signage

Directional signage helps people find their way within a building or area. It can be as simple as an “Exit” sign in a restaurant or as complex as a series of signs leading visitors through a maze-like museum. Hospitals and schools also use directional signage to help people find their way to the correct department or classroom.

2) Informational Signage

Informational signage is exactly what it sounds like. Whether it’s a dimensional sign or wall graphic, the purpose is providing people with information about a specific topic. You can most commonly find them in museums, zoos, and educational institutions, but even a “how to” instructional is considered informational signage. 

Highland Brewing Signage
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Delta Flight Museum Graphics

3) Advertising Signage

Advertising signage is used to promote a product, service, or brand. Billboards, bus stop ads, and flyers are all examples of advertising signage. Businesses use this type of signage to increase sales and gain new customers. For instance, imagine you are driving down the highway and feeling under the weather. Well-placed signage of the medical store will surely catch your attention and make you detour to buy medicines.

4) Safety Signage

Healthy and safety signage is used to protect people from potential dangers. They are placed in workplaces, public areas, and machinery. The signage usually contains warnings or instructions on how to avoid accidents. In recent years, COVID-related signage has become ubiquitous, providing people with information on how to protect themselves from the virus.

Safety Guidelines For Signage

5) Identity Signage

You may often notice identity signage visually representing a company or organization. It often includes the name and logo of the business. The type of signage is essential for building brand awareness and making an excellent first impression on potential customers. The signage can also identify specific places like the restroom or prayer room in an airport or shopping mall.

Atlanta Motorsports Park
Insight Sourcing Group - SpendHQ Client Wall

6) Corporate Signage

Businesses use corporate signage to communicate with their employees and clients within their office. Many times corporate and identity signage go hand in hand since corporate signage will reflect the company brand and theme.

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