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Different Types of Outdoor Signage

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When it comes to custom signage, your business can improve its foot traffic, overall revenues, and more benefits. So it’s important that you get it right the first time. That’s why we’re going to cover different types of outdoor business signs right now.

Keep reading and learn how to ensure the exterior of your property represents your business in the best way possible.

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Types Of Outdoor Signs For Businesses

1. Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are an excellent way to communicate your message to several potential customers at once. And yet, they come at a reasonable price.

This makes them a great marketing tool when it comes to outdoor business signs. Schools announcing an event, businesses promoting a launch, or non-profits driving fundraising can all benefit from vinyl.

Vinyl signs are waterproof so they can stand up to heavy storms and other outdoor elements. It’s common to see them on walls, ceilings, and posts.

2. Ground Signs

This type of outdoor business sign is at ground level. It provides a great line of sight for passers-by such as pedestrians or those in vehicles. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, like monument sizes or banners.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics can be decals or stickers. They are applied to the glass of your business or storefront. They help attract people to your business and promote your brand.

If you have glass facing multiple streets, you can use duplicates to capture as much visibility as possible.

4. LEDs

LEDs are lighted signs. They can be applied to various locations outdoors or facing the exterior. They help you achieve a versatile, colorful aesthetic.

Since they can be changed frequently, you can use various text messages and even imagery to promote the business.

5. Wall Signs

Die-cutting technology and more have brought wall signs to the forefront of exterior signage. You can have your company’s logo or slogan custom cut to stand out from the other competition in a crowded marketplace.

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6. Blade Signs

A blade sign, or projecting sign, is a sign mounted in a perpendicular position outside your building. It can be created with PVC, polystyrene, aluminum, and more. They are beneficial for creating eye-catching signs and increasing foot traffic — particularly in the evening.

7. Directional Signs

Directional signs can be hugely beneficial if telling traffic where to go. For instance, drive-thrus and malls can use these to prevent traffic jams. Ultimately, the easier you make it for customers to navigate, the more they can shop and the more revenue you can generate.

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