How To Avoid Trade Show Mistakes

When it comes to trade shows, they can be one of the best investments that you can possibly make for your brand. In fact, trade shows are unavoidable in many cases. An excellent trade show can transform your revenues, client base, and productivity going forward.

However, it’s important to get the details right when it comes to any kind of exhibition. In fact, let’s talk about some trade show mistakes that people often make. And by doing so, you can set yourself up for as much success as possible.

Trade Show Mistakes To Avoid

Having A Poor Display

Your display is the best first impression you can make. However, if it’s not a great display, it’s actually the worst possible first impression. After all, your customers are going to judge you based on the cover.

So you need to ensure that your trade show booth display is state-of-the-art and truly well-designed. After all, they’ll assume that the way that you put effort into your display is the way that you do everything else in business.

Not Promoting On Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media is a free and powerful tool. You should be on every social media platform that your target market hangs out on.

Post consistently, but especially leading up to the event. Think about a major movie. They don’t simply release it in the theaters on the opening weekend. They spend weeks, if not months, promoting it across all possible channels to build up hype.

You need to do the same thing so that more of your potential clients are actually at your trade show booth to interact with you in the first place.

Not Having A Goal

You need to define your end goal for the trade show booth display. Do you want to get more signups? Do you want to simply get more leads?

Are you trying to close deals during the actual event? While these may be similar goals for growing the business, they all have distinct strategies that you’ll want to enact.

They could determine what type of display you use, what type of language you use — even what kind of people you staff and how many people are present from your company. So this is a huge opportunity, but also a big mistake if you avoid it, if you don’t do it.

Being Too Pushy

While you do want to have a goal, and likely one of your goals is tied to revenue, you need to avoid being too pushy. No one wants to deal with a salesperson in 2023 and beyond.

They want to feel like they’re truly learning about a product and have an opportunity to buy, but they don’t want to be sold.

Not Following Up

The best businesses in the world always follow up. Just because someone came to your trade show and saw an incredible booth doesn’t mean that they’ll remember you two months from now.

Put them on an email list or make an occasional touchpoint to ensure that you stay top of mind when they need the product or service that you’re offering.

Get A Custom Trade Show Display Today

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With state-of-the-art visuals, layouts, and display components, we’ll ensure that your trade show booth stands out and meets your business needs. That way, you can truly get the best return on investment for your next exhibition.