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How to Use Video Technology to Attract Trade Show Attendees

How to Use Video Technology to Attract Trade Show Attendees

Trade shows are golden opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and reach out to new customers. So, if you are planning to exhibit at a tradeshow, you need to think outside the box and use all the tricks in the book to attract visitors. One potentially powerful tool in this regard is video technology. Read on to learn how to incorporate video into your trade show booths and attract attendees.

Make Compelling Content

Ensure your promotional videos focus more on benefits and not just the features. Moreover, incorporate different video types to cater to various styles and preferences. Examples of video styles you can explore include explainer videos, customer testimonials, and product demos.

Since trade show floors are often noisy, adding subtitles can help people understand your videos better. You should also aim for videos under 2 minutes, as attention spans at trade shows are often very short. They can be short animations with or without comedic twists.

Get the Right Size and Position

The size and position of your video screen can greatly impact how you engage with your audience. Generally, the bigger the screen, the better. When placed strategically, the screen will not only complement your booth design but also capture your audience’s attention, even from a distance.

Make Your Videos Interactive

Making interactive videos can be daunting, especially if you’re just starting to learn how to use video in your trade show displays. One way to go about it is to use touchscreens or gesture control software. These features allow attendees to explore your products and access detailed product information. You can also place QR codes near the video screens to allow attendees to download additional information.

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Livestream Your Presentation

In addition to the short video content, consider live-streaming product demonstrations and keynote presentations on social media. This will effectively help you reach a bigger audience outside of the trade show floors. For best results, be sure to promote the live streams in advance through your social media and marketing channels. Also, have a social media manager who will answer any questions raised during the live stream.

Get a Custom Display

At Dimensional Design, we understand the complexities of creating captivating videos for an exhibition. Our team is ready to help you develop custom videos and displays for trade shows. Get in touch with us today, and let’s make your next trade show an unforgettable experience.