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Island Booths: What You Should Know About This Trade Show Tacic

When planning out your trade show booth design, you have a lot of choices. However, choosing between the various options can be difficult. And one of the custom trade show displays you should consider is an island booth.

So in this article, let’s discuss what an island show trade booth is and how it might be beneficial to your overall event design.

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Island Booth: Front of the Knotwood Booth at IBS 2023
Island Booth: Front of the Knotwood Booth at IBS 2023
Island Booth: Back of the Knotwood Booth at IBS 2023
Island Booth: Back of the Knotwood Booth at IBS 2023

What is an island show trade booth?

An island show trade booth is located right in the middle of trade show aisles. This means it has exposure on all four sides. Island trade show booths can be different sizes and come with different design features. While it may have more up-front costs, this can be great route for enhancing your brand exposure through design versatility. 

Benefits Of Using An Island Show Trade Booth


Because you have four sides to work with, you can be really creative with the design of your island show trade booth. For instance, one side of the island booth design can feature a promotion. One side can feature product descriptions, another side can feature a point of sale with representatives managing it, and the fourth side can be used for kiosks.

That only scratches the surface of your options. In essence, an island show trade booth is incredibly versatile and your only limit is your imagination.

More foot traffic

Attendees are likely to visit your booth with more visual stimuli and multiple points of entry in comparison to a closed-off booth. You could have customer-facing representatives on all four sides of the booth. Compare this to one, two, or three sides for other layouts. Picking the right location for your booth is key in the initial stages when exhibiting an island booth. 

Get more attention

An island booth has more surface area to grab attention. You can use fabric graphics, LCD screen displays, or lighting to bring people in. Island booths provide an opportunity to broadcast your brand and logo on all four sides to be visible across the exhibit hall. 

Comprehensive service

It’s true, many of the people attending a trade show are looking to learn about new products or become your customer for the first time. But there are also current customers who may have questions or want to upgrade their service with you or buy new products.

Having an island event booth allows you to staff different team members for different purposes. It’s important to note with various entry points of your space, you might need a larger team to properly handle the visitors.

Whether you’re looking to generate new leads, nurture existing leads, or convert existing customers to a higher lifetime value, an island trade show booth can do it all.

Customizing your trade show

When you use custom trade show displays, your island booth can be a huge source of business growth. But you should ensure that the island display matches your logo, design, and other brand guidelines. That way you can use your creativity while ensuring that customers recognize your brand from a distance.