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Trade Show Booth Shipping 101

Trade Show Booth Shipping 101

When it comes to marketing and expansion, there’s almost nothing more important than a trade show. After all, online methods can be crowded channels oftentimes. But with respect to running your trade show smoothly, you need to make sure that you get the right shipping set up for your trade show exhibit.

Otherwise you could deal with delays, damage, and other issues. So to help ensure that your trade show goes off without a hitch, keep reading. We’ll talk about some exhibit shipping tips.

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The Importance Of The Right Trade Show Exhibit

Before talking about trade show exhibit shipping let’s talk about the importance of choosing the right trade show display in the first place.

Boost Sales

Excellent trade show displays can increase your sales for your event. It will attract attention to draw more foot traffic.

And from here you can have your staff ask great questions to qualify the customer. Then you can follow up with them by easily exchanging contact information.

Leverage Modern Technology

Whatever the current trend is with technology, design, or experience in your industry, you can leverage that in your trade show.

Hiring a company to produce a custom trade show design can help you show off your creative flair and also your understanding of the market. That will increase trust with your customers.

Make The Event An Investment, Not An Expense

It’s no secret that trade shows can be quite costly to attend. However, that means you simply need to be smarter about how you’re going to gain revenue on the back end. Having the right trade show display will help you not just break even, but profit multiple times over.

Tips For Exhibit Shipping

Get Your Timing Right

You should always have an idea of when your event is going to be so that you can reach out to a company well ahead of time. After all, there’s going to be a time period for designing your actual display booth and materials. After that, there’s the shipping time itself.

Choose A Company That Has Experience In This Complex Task

A company like Dimensional Design has helped a variety of businesses in different industries with shipping their trade show supplies. We know how to work out the logistics, timing, loading, and unloading.

That way, you don’t have to focus on any of those mundane details. You can simply focus on making sure your staff shows up on time. And you can run your game plan when everything is set up.

Hire A Company That Communicates Well

You should feel like you’re a VIP customer when you’re getting your trade show booth shipped. Someone who doesn’t respond to your emails, calls, or other forms of communication is probably not a company that you want in your corner.

Get Custom Trade Show Booths

In terms of designing and delivering custom trade show exhibits and displays, Dimensional Design is your one-stop shop. Give us a call today and let’s design your perfect booth today.