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Understanding the Different Types of POP Displays

Different POP Displays

Product displays highly impactful marketing components for any business. For instance, a poorly organized product stand might affect product visibility, leading to poor sales. However, by leveraging point-of-purchase (POP) displays in your store, you can influence your customers’ decisions when it matters the most. These advertising displays are designed to draw attention to specific products, enhance brand visibility, and increase sales. The best part is that POP displays come in various styles with stock and custom options.

Types of Point-of-Purchase Displays

POP displays fall into various categories based on their placement and intended purpose within a retail space. Depending on your product and marketing needs, you can then decide which type of POP display works best for your sales. Here are three popular types of POP displays.

Floor Displays

Floor POP displays are strategically positioned within store’s aisles to catch customers’ eyes and guide them toward featured products. In addition to boosting product visibility, they also promote a more engaging customer shopping experience. These types of point-of-purchase displays are perfect for showcasing new product releases and highlighting promotions. To maximize the visibility of floor displays, strategically place them near high-traffic areas or points of interest.

Effective Product Display Design

Counter Displays

As implied in the name, counter POP displays are typically found near checkouts, on the counter. These displays are designed as a catalyst to prompt last-minute purchases. Combined with eye-catching packaging, counter displays can generate more sales for your business by capitalizing on impulse buys. Typically these displays feature small, high-margin items such as candies, gift cards, and travel-sized toiletries. To leverage the power of counter POP displays, place them near checkout areas that may relate to your target audience.

Sidekick Displays

Sidekick displays, or “power wings,” are portable and customizable advertising displays that typically hang off a store’s aisles. Like the previously mentioned POP displays, sidekick displays increase customers’ impulse purchases by drawing their attention to select products. Due to their placement style, these displays allow you to maximize your store space when displaying your products. In addition to promoting impulse purchases, sidekick displays promote a more visual, interactive shopping experience for customers.

Get a Customized POP Display

If you need fully customized retail product displays for your store, Dimensional Design is the right partner for you. We take pride in delivering personalized solutions that put your brand and products front and center. Get in touch with us today and let us design visually stunning POP displays that your customers will find irresistible.