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What’s the Difference between a Sidekick Display and an Endcap Display?

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The ability to capture your customers’ attention can make or break a sale. As such, strategic product placement is critical if you’re trying to encourage customers to purchase more. Sidekick displays and endcap displays are two popular retail product display choices for retailers trying to maximize their visibility and sales. However, to deploy them effectively, you need to understand their unique characteristics and how they cater to distinct marketing needs.

What do sidekick displays look like?

Sidekick displays are standalone promotional units designed to complement main shelving units. While they’re usually hung off aisles or attached to the sides of shelves, these displays are moveable and can be set up anywhere within a store.

One of the most significant benefits of sidekick displays is their ability to facilitate cross-selling. When placed strategically near related or complementary products, sidekick displays capture the attention of shoppers already engaged in a specific category. For instance, placing sidekick displays with pasta sauce next to the pasta aisle subtly guides customers toward an additional purchase.

Sidekick displays are also invaluable for promoting seasonal or limited-time offers. Their relatively inconspicuous nature allows retailers to introduce these displays in high-traffic areas without disrupting the store layout.

Nike x Icebox Sneakers
Icebox x Nike Sneakers Display

Unique features of endcap displays

Endcap displays are usually positioned at the extreme ends of aisles in a store. This strategic positioning allows them to pop out more, making them ideal for showcasing featured products or items that demand immediate attention.

With ample space for graphics and messaging, these displays double as canvases for brand storytelling. When combined with the right colors and lighting, these displays enable brands to communicate their identity and values directly to consumers in a visually appealing way.

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How do sidekick displays differ from endcap displays?

While both sidekick and endcap displays play pivotal roles in retail advertising, their differences lie in their approach. Sidekick displays are generally smaller and more discreet compared to endcap displays. These characteristics and flexible positioning make them highly efficient at subtly guiding consumer purchasing decisions without cluttering the store space. On the other hand, endcap displays are typically large and more conspicuous on the store floor due to their unique positioning at the ends of the aisles. These features make them better suited for creating a sense of urgency and expressing brand identity.

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Now that you understand the differences between sidekick displays and endcap displays, you can deploy them according to your business’s unique needs. Dimensional Design is your reliable partner when it comes to displays for trade shows, exhibitions, and stores. Contact us to place an order today.