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When To Choose Permanent vs Temporary Signage for Your Business

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Signage plays an essential role in growing your business. Whether you are using signs to educate your prospects, promote a product, or draw attention, choosing the right signage is important.

The initial cost and impact on your prospective customers should guide you when choosing permanent or temporary signage. For example, you can go for temporary signage when running a promotion, while permanent signage is ideal for business bylines.

Find out the differences between permanent and temporary signage and how they can help grow your business from this post.

Understanding Permanent and Temporary Signage

How can you distinguish between permanent and temporary signage? Signs made of metal, plexiglass, stone, and fiberglass are durable and permanent. Businesses use permanent signs to give directions to their location, state their motto, brand their premises, or market products.

On the other hand, temporary signs are made of materials such as plastic, canvas, and cardboard. Businesses use temporary signs to promote products, announce events, or educate their audience about a new product in the market.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Signs for Your Business

The following factors should guide you when choosing between permanent and temporary signs:


Is your objective long or short-term? For example, if you are running a promotion or planning an event, temporary signage is ideal. Besides being easy to design and install, temporary signs are cheaper and more economical for short-term objectives. Permanent signage, on the other hand, is ideal for long-term projects such as branding.

Design and installation costs.

Permanent signage is expensive, while temporary signage is cheaper. If your business is in the initial stages, you can go for temporary signage to attract prospective customers and grow your profit. As the profit grows, you can transition to permanent signage.

Visibility and impact

on your prospective customer base. Temporary signage tends to be more attractive. If you want to attract more leads and convert them to customers, temporary signs can play the trick. If you are seeking to grow your brand consistently, permanent signage is ideal.

Other factors to consider when choosing signage include location, legislation, and maintenance costs.

Permanent vs Temporary Signage: Get Expert Help

Your short- and long-term objective should help you when choosing between temporary and permanent signs. You should also consider the above factors and maximize the impact of signage in growing your business.

At Dimension Design, we offer businesses custom signage services to achieve their business goals. Our experts will help you get the right signage customized to your brand needs.