Why Is It Important to Get UL and ETL Approved Signage?

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As a store owner, the safety of your employees and customers is one of your main priorities. But store safety entails more than secure flooring, proper lighting, and emergency facilities like fire exits. It also involves choosing the appropriate signage to guide your customers through your store. Outfitting your store with U-L and ETL-approved signage is crucial to ensuring your store complies with the established safety benchmarks.

An Overview of UL and ETL Approvals

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a globally recognized agency that conducts rigorous testing and certification for products, ensuring they meet safety and quality standards. Electrical products voluntarily submitted to the agency by manufacturers are thoroughly evaluated to ensure the wires are of the proper size and the devices can handle the current prescribed by the manufacturer.

ETL, or Electrical Testing Laboratories, is a mark provided by Intertek, an independent testing and certification organization. It indicates that a product has undergone thorough testing for safety and performance.

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Are ETL and UL Approvals for Signage Worth it?

UL and ETL approvals are vital for signage for several reasons. First, these certifications guarantee businesses and customers that the signage has undergone rigorous testing. As such, they guarantee against electrical malfunctions and related safety hazards. In the retail industry, where safety and credibility are paramount, having UL- and ETL-approved signage underscores your commitment to customer and employee safety.

From a regulatory standpoint, adhering to UL and ETL standards prevents legal complications and regulatory issues. In many jurisdictions across the U.S., electrical products must be tested and approved by a nationally recognized body before being put on the market. As such, getting ETL and UL-approved signage ensures you’re compliant, no matter the location of your business.

Ultimately, choosing UL- and ETL-approved signage is more than just a business decision—it’s a testament to your dedication to creating a safe and trustworthy environment. As you invest in signage for your business, opting for these certifications becomes an investment in both customer safety and the long-term success of your enterprise.

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