Case Study Of DiversiTech

Creative Brief

DiversiTech is an HVAC product manufacturer with marketing needs for description and demo heavy displays for a multitude of products.

“We love Dimensional Design. They have been helping our company grow for more than 15 years. They help with merchandising, displays, trade shows and lots more. These guys get it done and make our brand look its best – in any setting. And they’re a great team to work with. I highly recommend them for any creative project. Do your brand a favor and give these guys a call.”

Kevin Wilkinson
Brand Manager

Diversitech Portfolio Of Products


A longstanding client with Dimensional Design, DiversiTech is an HVAC product manufacturer that has a very diverse portfolio of products. Because of their varied product line and the mechanical nature of their industry, a large majority of their marketing needs are based around displays that can demo their products. Whether it be retail and trade show environments or traveling sales demonstrations, DiversiTech has relied on Dimensional Design to showcase and beautify product after product.

Working with their marketing team on over 25 projects, our two companies have built a strong relationship that creates stand-out branding that lasts. From trade show booths and packaging to promotional displays and even one-off demo displays, working with DiversiTech helping grow their band-width within their industry has been a pleasure.

Through our individual display work as well as the full roll-out programs we’ve completed involving graphics, displays, packaging and shipping, DiversiTech has come to rely on Dimensional Design as their one-stop-shop for their dimensional marketing needs.