Diversitech Diversitech Logo MARKETING GOALS Kevin Wilkinson
Brand Manager
CREATIVE BRIEF DiversiTech is an HVAC product manufacturer with marketing needs for description and demo heavy displays for a multitude of products. 1. Create attractive, functional displays and graphics for many product lines

2. Make a cohesive branding message fall across many disciplines

3. Help communicate the functionality of a product with a clean design
At Dimensional Design, we’re often asked, “What’s your favorite project?” We can speak for our designer, Steffan Clousing, when we say that his is definitely Atlanta Motorsports Park. Tucked away in the North Georgia mountains, Atlanta Motorsports Park is a take on the private country club model as an exclusive retreat for members to test the limits of their cars. Described in their motto, “why buy a fast car you can’t drive fast,” AMP built two world class, Formula 1-styled race tracks – one built to race sports cars like Porsche and Ferraris, and the second track built for kart racing. Due to our designers’ love of cars and racing, we couldn’t pass up on this unique opportunity. The level of collaboration, design, and implementation from start to finish was far beyond what either the architect or owner thought was possible and set the tone for the new crown jewel of AMP.

Jeremy Porter, founder and CEO of AMP, and Dimensional Design teamed up to capture the look and feel Jeremy wanted for his track and reflect that into the clubhouse. In the end, our designs breathed the excitement and energy of racing, and we made sure to add in special details, such as a carpet with a tire skid pattern, or carbon fiber accent pieces, to fit the automotive atmosphere.

Because of our successful design and implementation of the clubhouse, we were asked to do the same for several private garages as well as their newly built karting facility. Capturing the fun and excitement anyone can experience in getting behind the wheel of a kart, the end result of our design is a state-of-the-art karting utopia for racers of all ages. Atlanta Motorsports Park is now a top ten rated track in the Motorsports industry by Road and Track magazine, and we are proud to have played a part in creating this new motorsports retreat.
We love Dimensional Design. They have been helping our company grow for more than 15 years. They help with merchandising, displays, trade shows and lots more. These guys get it done and make our brand look its best – in any setting. And they’re a great team to work with. I highly recommend them for any creative project. Do your brand a favor and give these guys a call. NyloDeck Logo StillFire Logo