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We take it to heart when it comes to upgrading interior spaces as this is the environment and heart of a company that will inspire employees and customers every day. An engaging atmosphere represents a brand dimensionally. Corporate spaces have unique needs that other commercial spaces do not. In retail, the focus is on the customers and their experience – one that is fleeting and only repeats on a weekly or monthly basis. In a corporate space, you need to focus on the employee and client experience. Think atmosphere, productivity, organization, and more.

In too many cases, corporate interiors are uninspiring, just rows of gray cubicles and yellow lighting. We focus on creating warm and inviting spaces that help employees and clients feel energized when they walk through the doors. Properly designed interiors impress visiting clientele, promote your branding, and increase work productivity.

Corporate Interior Design
Commercial Interior Design Firm


While we’ve designed entire corporate spaces, most cases involve upgrading one room or incorporating additions that enhance visual appearance with a strategic purpose. Some examples include: creating a product showroom, upgrading a bland hallway or lobby, adding eye catching pieces that infuse your brand. Other commercial interior design requires logistical solutions like directional signage, organization, lighting, and other work-space needs.

At Dimensional Design, we understand that improving your interiors is an investment and one you want to see a return on. Our team of designers and craftsmen collaborate to engineer custom-made product to fit your space and best reflect your unique business.

FAQs About Commercial Interior Design Company

They craft incredible spaces that both reflect your brand and increase productivity. It’s a nuanced job, but our team is highly experienced and ready to make your corporate space everything it needs to be.

Corporate interior design goes beyond buying a few decorative pieces on Wayfair. You have to consider material, branding, custom sizing, safety, and the list goes on.  Corporate spaces have so many concerns that it is simply best to turn things over to the experts. Because image means so much to your success hiring an experienced corporate interior designer is an investment that ultimately protects your bottom line.

Your office space is a useful tool for boosting company revenue. It’s a balance between functionality and visual appearance. A great interior design is an energetic and inspiring environment that will impress clientele, showcase your services, and increase employee work ethic.

There is always a time and place for your logo and colors to make an appearance, but not every aspect of your corporate interior needs to scream your brand. Our talented designers have extensive material knowledge. They combine textures and materials to create a balanced design scheme that will compliment your brand identity.


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Your corporate space is the home of your business. If anywhere should reflect your branding, it’s here. We do in-depth research on your company and also take a look at the competition.


We believe that a collaborative effort leads to better results. When the brilliant minds of our creative team come together, they’re unstoppable.


Our in-house craftsmen are highly experienced in setting up corporate spaces. They can create executive offices, employee workspaces, lounges, and more, all while respecting the safe flow of traffic.


Dimension Design is a detail-oriented team. When it comes to fabrication, we make certain that every inch of your corporate space perfectly reflects your company and supports your bottom line.


Once you are thrilled with our design and the elements we’ve fabricated, it’s time for installation. Throughout the process, we ensure all aspects are just right.


Once you complete your walkthrough and love what you see, we turn your space back over to you. If there are ever any concerns related to your corporate design, simply contact us.