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Surrounded by hundreds of other flashy booths in an exhibit hall, your allotted space needs to impress. Companies begin planning months in advance to handle the logistics and fast-paced environment to build a creative exhibit within a few days. From strategic structure layout, visuals, and displays, each component unites to broadcast your brand and product.

At Dimensional Design, our years of experience in the industry bring ease to our clients. We design tradeshow exhibits that aren’t just visually appealing but also functional. We understand critical details like safety, storage, movability, and durability. Depending on your needs, we can take you every step of the way, from design concepts to travelling and installation.

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Trade shows are intense competition within a short time-span. Displays for trade shows work harder to grab attention and give you a solid return on investment. They need to be eye-catching, to the point, and innovative enough that no one will pass them by. We stay up to date on modern design trends and technological advances to provide visitors the most engaging experience.

Trade show exhibit displays also need to be easy to transport, set up, and take down and respect the dimensions of the space you are allotted. We take into consideration all the unique limitations that come with custom exhibit booths to create the ideal display for you.

FAQs About Trade Show Exhibits Displays

It’s all about figuring out the needs of the space and the interests of the audience. Each display needs to fit the environment and appeal to the people attending the trade show. We do our research to ensure we hit all the right marks.

While we can create a single booth for an individual company, we are also happy to create all the displays for your trade show. We organize this by taking a look at the space as a whole, determining the best paths for foot traffic, then lay out the booths along this route.

This all depends on your company, products, goals, and audience. There is no set path toward creating a perfect trade show booth. Our approach is always customized to the company and the moment.

The number one goal of a trade show to is to walk away with more customers and a further brand reach. A successful booth should visualize your branding into a dimensional, eye-catching space for your audience while properly showcasing your products or services. It also needs to accommodate the interaction you want with your audience. For example, should they be able to enter the booth and interact with the displays, or do you just want them to walk up to the front and take a seat to discuss your services?


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At trade shows, you get a brief moment to make a big impact. This is why we do in-depth research on your company mission, products, and competition.


Each member of our team has a brilliant creative mind, but together, they’re unstoppable. We take a collaborative approach, bringing the team together and consulting with you as we go.


We employ in-house craftsmen that understand how unique each trade show space is. They assist us in crafting displays that consider foot traffic, safety, and travel while keeping the eye-catching results.


We are a detail-oriented team. At the fabrication stage, we ensure that every inch of your trade show display is perfect. If it isn’t, we go back to square one.


Whether its a union or non-union state, we travel across the nation to manage the entire installation process from set-up to take down, protecting your brand and expectations.


It's show day! If you have any concerns during the trade show, just contact us. We will come to disassemble the exhibit.