Restaurant Interior

Restaurant Interior Design for Success

They say we eat with our eyes – but what we see when we enter a restaurant isn’t just confined to those tantalizing displays or the plates in front of us. We focus on the interior design as well. From the items on the walls to the balance between booths and tables, there is a lot to take in, and we want to like what we see.

With the right colors, textures, layouts, and more, you can achieve greater success in your restaurant. With our restaurant interiors and brewery design, you’ll get the exact look you need to appeal to customers and align with your branding.

Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant and brewery interior design requires careful consideration that is often unique to these spaces. You want to maximize your seating while still keeping guests comfortable enough to laugh, converse, and enjoy their meals. You also need solid flow of traffic for patrons and servers and a mind for safety – no blind corners here!

We understand the unique needs of restaurant and brewery spaces and know how to tailor our designs to them. If your goal is a unique space that patrons cannot wait to eat at, you should work with the creative team at Dimensional Design.


Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the needs of the space and your vision for it. We always start by closely examining your branding, researching the competition, and talking with you in-depth about what your goals are. In every case, we deliver a bespoke design that is perfectly you. 

Lighting, comfort, safety, navigation, and functionality. While there are other elements we take into consideration in our designs, these are the most important. 

So many! We think about the ideal distance between tables, the safest routes from the kitchen, visibility for management supervising the tables and staff, ADA accessibility, and more.

Because eating out isn’t just about the food; it’s about the entire experience, and that includes the atmosphere.

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